Can the Lakers realistically get Kevin Durant and Anthony Davis?

Ever since LeBron James made the move to Hollywood, those around the league have been speculating who may follow him.

When Paul George spurned Los Angeles in order to re-sign with the Oklahoma City Thunder, it made you wonder whether any superstar would want to play in LeBron’s shadow. However, former NBA player Jarrett Jack surprised Twitter by predicting a trio that could seriously contend against the reigning champs in the Bay Area. Jack tweeted, “Man if Y’all thought the league was in trouble before they bout to mess around and have AD KD and Bron all on the same team”.

Although his tweet may be based more on opinion and less on fact, such a super team is interesting to think about. But just how realistic is this dream? Obtaining Kevin Durant can be very easy, assuming Durant chooses to leave the Warriors to help LeBron James. The Lakers would be capable of signing Durant outright as a free agent, as they will have enough cap space next Summer to offer any available free agent a max contract.

Being able to acquire Pelicans’ star Anthony Davis would be the challenge. Davis will not become a free agent until the Summer of 2020, so if any team were to want to try and steal him away from the Big Easy they would need to do so via trade. New Orleans would never consider trading their young superstar barring a Titanic-sized disaster. Anthony Davis would need to follow the Jimmy Butler route by demanding a trade. Davis at this point has shown no sign of doing so. Even if he did, Los Angeles would need to come up with a trade package that New Orleans couldn’t resist. Since the Lakers are over the salary cap, they would be required to match salaries on any Anthony Davis trade. Unfortunately for them, all of their contracts beyond this season not named LeBron James are on their rookie contracts, making it nearly impossible to make the money work in such a trade. They would be required to include every current player on their roster, including Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, and Josh Hart. Doing so would leave the Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka with an empty cabinet beyond the three stars.

Long story short, although it may be possible, pulling off such a feat would be nearly impossible. Nonetheless, the idea of a new super team out West has NBA Twitter excited. Hollywood has always been the place to dream big. For now, a partnership involving LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Anthony Davis is just that, a big dream.

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