Where is the Defense?

image from: @BleacherReport via Instagram 

Is defense in the NBA becoming scarce? Over the past couple of seasons, defense has slowly started decreasing. Big men are becoming shooters rather than bruisers, and stars from all sizes are beginning to rack up points from behind the arc and paint.

Although it is common for the All-Star game to have no defense and be a high scoring game, where everyone just has a shootout and makes flashy plays it seems like the regular season games are becoming just that. Kyrie Irving had an interview with The Boston Globe where he actually voiced his opinion on the defense by saying, “I think not a lot of defense is being played,” he said. “Teams are scoring like its fricking 1960s or ’70s. It’s 132 to 112, 142 to 121. There’s no defense. There’s just none.” Irving who currently averages 22.1 PPG felt players need to act accordingly to the offensive showcase being put on.

Last season only ten NBA players put up 50 point games, in this season alone six players have already recorded 50 or more point games and we haven’t even hit the All-Star break. Along with that 21 NBA players have already recorded games with a minimum of 40 points. Something definitely needs to change in the league, whether it is the effort from players or even defensive schemes against high scoring players.

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