The Magic That Is Stephen Curry

Anyone who has watched basketball or even turned on ESPN last few years have seen highlight reel players from one Steph Curry. It’s no secret that the 6’3 Guard has taken the league by storm, especially since his 2015 campaign. Steph has dominated the NBA like no player ever truly has. Sure, players have dominated the game from the perimeter before, but to the extent or even the location that the baby-faced assassin has.

Since the 2015-16 season, Steph has played 223 games (regular season only) and posted 27.5 PPG, 6.5 APG, 5 RPG, and 1.8 SPG while adding some jewelry to his hand in June as well. Also, did I mention he only played 33.3 MPG? Over that stretch he’s also shot a whopping 43.5% from behind the arc and posted an EFG% of 61.1 and a TS% of 65.6, leading the league. He’s also 1 FG% away from AVERAGING 40/50/90, something only a handful of the NBA’s all-time best shooters have accomplished. Now we all know Steph is an amazing shooter and, in my opinion, at this point the indisputable greatest shooter of all time. However, not only is he the greatest shooter to grace the court, he is that by a large margin. Allow me to explain further.

Stephen Curry is currently the leader in career 3-PT% among active players while also leading the league in attempts from deep every season since 2012. It’s not his insane shooting efficiency that puts him apart, it’s his volume. During the stretch mentioned above, Curry shot over 10 shots from deep per game. Over the last 30 years, only 24 players have averaged at least 48% or better from three-point land. The most attempts per game among them besides Steph’s 10.4 is 6.0 by Kyle Korver. That’s just in a single season, and Chef Curry has been cooking for years now.

The most threes made in a season? 402 by you guessed it, Chef Curry. The 2nd most in a season? Also Steph. 3rd most? Surprise, surprise, Steph strikes again. Curry is responsible for 4 of the top 5 shooting seasons ever from 3 point range. He makes the most threes while simultaneously attempting the most, for almost any other player volume is followed by a drop in efficiency, but not for this elite marksman. To further illustrate his 3-PT% volume, Stephen Curry over the course of the previous 5 seasons (including this one) is shooting 53.7% of his shots from beyond the arc. Aside from even just his volume and efficiency, Steph doesn’t just spot up for threes. He creates threes, and at times takes shots from so far away that most coaches would be yelling on the sidelines.  

A case could be made that Curry is one of the most demoralizing players in NBA history. What do I mean by that? Think of guys like Jordan, LeBron, Kobe, and Shaq. Players that made other coaches and opposing teams lose sleep thinking of ways to guard them, Curry is in that same discussion. Usually if one of the league’s best finishers takes a shot from 25+ feet out your defense did well, that’s isn’t the case when it comes to Curry.

Since his 2014-15 campaign till now, on average, Curry shoots 61.36% from 8 or fewer feet away from the basket on 1,483 total attempts and 44.62% from 25-29 feet away on 1,975 total attempts. On top of that, he also shoots 46.7% from 30-34 feet on 84 total attempts in that span. On top of that since his 2015 campaign, 38% of his threes were ones that he created himself, proving that he isn’t a spot up shooter like most of the all-time great shooters.

Shots that defenses want opposing players to take are shots that Curry willingly wants to take. His ability to simply explode from deep is unmatched by any player in history and it is demoralizing. He doesn’t just shoot, he shoots to kill.

Curry’s shooting coupled with his elite ball handling, great court vision, and savvy playmaking have led him to dominate the league as few have ever done. In a manner that none have ever done. His marksmanship is revolutionizing the league still and he’s been even better this season. It’s time to stop saying that Steph is one of the most dominant players of our time when he’s more than that. He’s one of the most dominant players of all time. Despite all his accomplishments, Chef Curry still isn’t even done cooking and could be well on his way to another MVP and championship season.  

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