Report: Pelicans See “Star” Potential in Lonzo Ball

It was reported by Tania Ganguli, Lakers beat writer for the Los Angeles Times, that the Pelicans see “Star” potential in Lonzo Ball and would start him at point guard if they acquire him in a potential Anthony Davis deal.

This could mean that if New Orleans gets Lonzo, they might feel the need to deal Jrue Holiday. According to Zach Lowe of ESPN, the Pelicans have made Julius Randle, Nikola Mirotic and E’Twaun Moore available in trade talks for draft picks. This is a sign of rebuilding for the Pelicans. So in the hypothetical that the Pelicans acquire Ball, there is really no need to keep Jrue Holiday on the roster if the ultimate goal is to stack draft picks and start Lonzo.

The Pelicans could, however, start both Lonzo Ball and Jrue Holiday if they want to stay relevant instead of rebuilding immediately. Holiday has the scoring capability to be a shooting guard and he played a similar role when Rajon Rondo was running the point for the Pelicans last year.

I believe Lonzo would thrive in New Orleans if he would be willing to buy into their team. There have been reports from Lonzo’s camp that he would not prefer to play in New Orleans if dealt there. This makes it difficult for the Pelicans to trust him and take him in a deal for Anthony Davis. New Orleans would want to hear a little more optimism from the former #2 overall pick if the deal draws closer. This report that they see a great future for him will certainly make him feel a little better about playing in the “big easy” if the deal indeed goes through.

Ball has the skill set to become a “Star” in this league. Combining his court vision with his incredible athleticism would make for one great point guard for a team that believes in him. The Pelicans would give him a chance to shine.

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