Rising Stars Recap

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It is officially NBA All-Star weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina, and things have already started off hot. Friday night was the annual Rising Stars game featuring some of the best young talent in the league from the all over the world. Team USA featured some of the best talent from the states with names like Kyle Kuzma, Trae Young, Jayson Tatum, and De’Aaron Fox. The World Team also featured some big names in the young talent from other countries like Luka Doncic, Ben Simmons, OG Anunoby, and last year’s MVP of the Rising Stars game Bogdan Bogdanovic.

Team USA had been on a two-game losing streak in previous years, but Team USA came out with the win 161-144 snapping the streak.Towards the beginning of the game it looked alot like an All-Star game, all offense, not one bit of defense. Whole lot of heat checks from several shooters in the game, and fans even got to see John Collins warming up for Saturday nights Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. The star from Team USA on Friday was Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma who began his MVP campaign in the first quarter completely wetting three pointers with ease. He finished off the night with 35 points and six rebounds. The only two players who were in contention with Kuz that night were Team USA and Celtics young forward Jayson Tatum who had 30 points and nine rebounds. The other man being Team World’s and 76ers point guard Ben Simmons who had an amazing stat line with 28 points, six assists, and five rebounds.

Couple of key players featured in that game came from both sides of the court. First was Trae Young who had 25 points and 10 assists, and even showed off some spectacular footwork late in the fourth going between Deandre Aytons legs for a quick bucket. Also fans got to witness an early dunk contest show from John Collins who was taking flight on several occasion but his most impressive one was his 360 off a lob from Hawks teammate Trae Young.

The only remaining concern fans had after the impressive Rising Stars game was where was ROTY front runner Luka Doncic? He had a decent night finishing off with 13 points, nine assists, and five rebounds. Fans believed Luka was going to come out with the MVP with ease but Kyle Kuzma and Team USA had other thoughts. Team USA won 161-144.

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